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Abstract #4390

Evaluation of Improved Spatial and Spectral Resolution on Model Based Fitting of Prostate Spectroscopy at 7 Tesla

Gregory J. Metzger1, Edward Auerbach1, Christopher A. Warlick2, Diane Hutter1, Gregory Adriany1, Ivan Tkac1

1Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States; 2Department of Urologic Surgery, University of Minnesota

The advantage of performing spectroscopy at higher magnetic fields is the improved quantification of metabolites due to increased spectral dispersion and SNR. An initial evaluation of the impact ultrahigh field has on the quantification of prostate spectroscopy is made in this work through simulations and fitting of in vivo data at field strengths of 3T and 7T. It is demonstrated that improved delineation between overlapping metabolites is possible at higher fields as indicated by reduced Cramer-Rao lower bounds and lower correlation coefficients. The ability to individually quantify prostate metabolites observable in vivo may prove clinically relevant for distinguishing aggressive from indolent disease and monitoring treatment response.