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Abstract #4392

The Gland Down Under: Effect of Selective RF Pulses on Citrate Lineshapes at 3T

James B. Murdoch1, Andrew J. Wheaton1, Robert Anderson1

1Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Mayfield Village, OH, United States

Citrate is a strongly coupled AB system whose phases and amplitudes are sensitive to sequence timing at 3T. The citrate lineshape is affected by a slowing of J modulation that occurs during slice-selective or spectrally selective RF pulses. Both in PRESS simulations and in single-voxel prostate spectra, a pair of spectrally selective BASING pulses added for fat suppression also had a noticeable effect on the citrate lineshape, even though the citrate resonance was well beyond their inversion profile. Pulse shapes can therefore be designed that not only suppress fat robustly, but also sharpen citrate peaks akin to an MLEV sequence.