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Abstract #4421

Improved PCr/ATP Ratio Mapping of the Human Head by Simultaneously Imaging of Multiple Spectral Peaks with InterLeaved Excitations and Flexible Twisted Projection Imaging Readout Trajectories (SIMPLE-FlexTPI) at 9.4 Tesla

Aiming Lu1, Ian C. Atkinson1, Keith R. Thulborn1

1Center for MR Research, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States

Quantitative MR imaging of phosphocreatine (PCr) and ATP concentrations in human brain can provide useful information about the metabolic flux through the central high-energy metabolic pathways but are hindered by the low MR detection sensitivity of 31P. An efficient acquisition strategy, now termed SIMPLE-flexTPI has been used to simultaneously sample PCr and γ-ATP signals. By optimizing the acquisition software and hardware, significantly improved 31P imaging results on entire human head has been achieved at 9.4T. The PCr and γ-ATP images demonstrate meaningful resolution and SNR. The obtained PCr/γ-ATP ratios are in agreement with literature values.