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Abstract #0095

Contrast Dispersion Mapping in DCE MRI: A New Option for Prostate Cancer Detection

Massimo Mischi1, Kyveli Kompatsiari1, Tamerlan Saidov1, Marc Engelbrecht2, Hessel Wijkstra, 12, Marcel Breeuwer, 13

1Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands; 2Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 3Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

A new method is proposed for characterization of the microvascular architecture by assessment of contrast intravascular dispersion in dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. Dispersion is estimated by fitting a new model that integrates the Tofts model for permeability estimation together with a solution of the convective dispersion equation. Based on the link between angiogenesis and cancer growth, this method is evaluated for localization of prostate cancer by comparison with histology results following radical prostatectomy. Without need for an arterial input function, MR dispersion imaging enables the simultaneous generation of dispersion and permeability maps. Promising preliminary results in 7 patients are reported.