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Abstract #0110

Investigating White Matter Perfusion Using Optimal Sampling Strategy Arterial Spin Labeling (OSS-ASL) at 7T

Alexander Graeme Gardener1, Peter Jezzard1

1FMRIB Centre, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Oxford, United Kingdom

The measurement of White Matter perfusion (WM-CBF) using Arterial Spin Labeling techniques has proven difficult due to the low Contrast-to-Noise ratio and long labeled blood transit times found in this tissue. An Optimal Sampling Strategy approach was used to weight TI acquisition times to later blood arrival. This was combined with an ultra-high field 7T scanner to improve CNR and benefit from longer T1 relaxation time in labeled blood. It is shown that reasonable WM-CBF quantification can be achieved consistently in healthy human subjects. Fitted CBF and bolus arrival times were comparable to literature values.