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Abstract #0870

MR Elastography as a Method to Estimate Brain Stiffness and Its Correlation to Intracranail Pressure in Pseudotumor Ceribri Patients

Wael Marashdeh1, Bradley Gans1, Brian Raterman1, Eric Bourekas1, Arunark Kolipaka1

1Radiology, ohio state university wexner medical center, Columbus, OH, United States

Measuring the stiffness of the brain provides important diagnostic information.Magnetic Resonance Elastography(MRE)is a noninvasive method to estimate the stiffness of the brain.This study aims to determine the correlation between intracranial pressures and whole brain stiffness.Our results demonstrated no significant difference in MRE derived brain stiffness to the opening and closing intracranial pressures measured by lumbar puncture in a pool of 7 patients.