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Abstract #0962

Multivoxel Lactate Editing in Glioma Patients at 3.0T

Lawrence Kenning1, Martin Lowry1, Ralph Noeske2, Lindsay W. Turnbull1

1Centre for MR Investigations, Hull York Medical School at University of Hull, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2EMEA Research and Collaboration, , Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Lactate concentration in gliomas is a potential biomarker for tumour behaviour and treatment response. To investigate this we implemented a PRESS MRSI editing sequence with BASING pulses and interleaved frequency offsets to reduce motion effects. Broadband refocusing pulses reduced chemical-shift displacement thus improving editing efficiency. Semi-automated processing generated separate singlet and edited spectra that were processed using LCModel. In 16 patients we observed lactate in 5 of 7 high-grade lesions, where it accounted for 33-60% of the resonance at 1.3ppm with concentrations of 1.7-6.0mM. The sequence will allow investigation of relationships between lactate concentration, tumour heterogeneity and treatment response.