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Abstract #1030

Dysfunction of the Default Mode Network in Early ParkinsonS Disease: A Resting State fMRI Study

Massimo Filippi1, Federica Agosta1, Francesca Caso1, Alberto Inuggi1, Aleksandra Tomic2, Iva Stankovic2, Elisa Canu1, Igor Petrovic2, Vladimir S. Kostic2

1Neuroimaging Research Unit, Institute of Experimental Neurology, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, MI, Italy; 2Clinic of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

We investigated the integrity of resting-state Default Mode Network (DMN) connectivity in patients with early Parkinsons disease (PD) and no cognitive impairment. We observed in PD patients an increased connectivity within the DMN structures including the superior and middle temporal gyri, hippocampi, parahippocampal cortex, precuneus, posterior, middle and anterior cingulate cortices compared to healthy controls bilaterally. This pattern could represent a compensatory mechanism or it could be due to a reduced thalamic outflow to the prefrontal cortex with the impairment of input/output information flows from and to this area and other DMN cortices