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Abstract #1214

Value of 2D Phase Contrast-MRI for Investigation of Facial Hemodynamic: Preliminary Result in a Face Allograph Woman

Olivier Baledent1, Stephanie Dakpe1, Cyrille Capel1, Malek I. Makki2, Roger Bouzerar1, Sylvie Testelin1, bernard devauchelle1

1university hospital, amiens, picardie, France; 2university hospital, zurich, Switzerland

The First human face allograft was made in 2005. Transplantation consisted in part of revascularization of facial arteries and veins. This investigation aims to develop a dedicated PC-MRI protocol to assess arterial and venous flow of the face. Mean arterial and venous flows from a control adult group were reconstructed along the cardiac cycle. PC-MRI shows that the Transplantation women vascular flows were functional both in the venous and arterial vessels of her face. PC-MRI protocol has shown its ability to measure arterial and venous flow of the face.