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Abstract #1279

Assessment of Post Infarct Remodeling in CCR2 Knockout and Wild Type Mice with an Elastin-Binding Contrast Agent

Britta Butzbach1, Andrea Protti2, Xuebin Dong2, Frank Tacke3, Matthias Bartneck3, David Onthank4, Eike Nagel1, Ajay Shah5, Rene M. Botnar1

1Imaging Sciences, Rayne's Institute, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom; 2Cardiovascular division, Cardiology, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom; 3Medical clinic III, Gastroenterology, Aachen, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany; 4Discovery Biology and Veterinary Sciences at Lantheus Medical Imaging, Boston, North Billerica, United States; 5Cardiovascular Division, Cardiology, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Assessment of post infarct remodelling in CCR2 and wild type mice was conducted with an elastin-binding contrast agent. MRI was compared with histology and shows that imaging of post infarct remodelling is feasible with an elastin-binding contrast agent. 7 days after permanent ligation there was less elastin amount in CCR2-knockout mice with increased infarct size and the ejection fraction was lower compared to wild type mice. After 1 month the ejection fraction in CCR2-knockout mice was lower compared to wild type mice and the infarct size was increased.