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Abstract #1382

Epigenetic Upregulation of VEGF-A Decreases Infarct Size in Mouse Myocardium: MR Cine Imaging of Left Ventricle

Haja-Sherief N Musthafa1, Mikko Turunen1, 2, Svetlana Laidinen1, 2, Tiia Husso1, Sanna Honkanen1, Suvi Kuosmanen1, Erhe Gao3, Hanne Hakkarainen1, Seppo Yl-Herttuala1, 2, Timo Liimatainen1

1A.I. Virtanen Institute For Molecular Sciences, Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland; 2Ark Therapeutics Ltd., Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland; 3Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Angiogenic growth factors are used to treat myocardial infarct by improving blood flow and therefore prevent left ventricular remodelling. In this study, we applied cine imaging to evaluate therapeutic effects of intramyocardial lentiviral delivery of promoter targeted shRNA that mediates epigenetic effects. A significant decrease in infarct size was found in shRNA treated mice from day 4 to day 14 after infarction compared to control group. The increased VEGF-A levels detected by using ELISA and histological findings support the MRI findings and suggest the method a potential way to decrease infarct size and may find clinical applications in the future.