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Abstract #1506

MR Elastography of the Liver in Patients Status Post Fontan Procedure: A Pilot Investigation

Suraj D. Serai1, Daniel Wallihan1, Sudhakar K. Ventakesh2, Richard L. Ehman2, Daniel J. Podberesky1

1Radiology, CCHMC, Cincinnati, OH, United States; 2Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, MN, United States

After the Fontan procedure, the circulation of blood depends on high central venous pressures required for an effective transpulmonary gradient, thus generating adequate blood flow into the lungs in the absence of a subpulmonary pumping-chamber. Over the long-term, cellular atrophy, necrosis and fibrosis ensue, commonly referred to as congestive hepatopathy. MRE is a non-invasive technique that can be used as a tool to identify liver fibrosis. With the ultimate goal of applying MRE for improving current diagnostic capabilities used in the care of these patients, this proof-of-principle study provided us with valuable information that we have used in preliminary studies.