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Abstract #1534

A Comparison of the Full and Segmented IVIM Models in the Liver

Alexander D. Cohen1, Moira F. Schieke2, Kathleen M. Schmainda2

1Biophysics, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, United States; 2Radiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, United States

IVIM has been increasingly used in the liver to assess cirrhosis, however, the best way to collect and analyze this data remains unknown. This technique involves the collection of multiple b-values to extract perfusion-related diffusion parameters. There are multiple ways to calculate IVIM parameters. The segmented technique involves using high b-values to estimate the perfusion-insensitive diffusion parameter and fractional perfusion. The full technique involves fitting the entire equation. This study examines the repeatability of the two fitting techniques in the liver. The segmented and full IVIM models had comparable repeatability metrics.