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Abstract #1585

Susceptibility Matched Endoluminal Coil for the Acquisition of High SNR Spectra for the Observation of the Rectal Wall

Jean-Marie Verret1, Frank Pilleul2, Olivier Beuf3, Cecile Rabrait4

1CREATIS, Villeurbanne, France, Metropolitan; 2Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon, France, Metropolitan; 3CREATIS, Lyon, France, Metropolitan; 4General Electric Healthcare, Velizy, France, Metropolitan

Spectroscopy is an alternative to histopathology as it is less invasive and less expensive but still allows a chemical insight of the human body. Nevertheless, to perform spectroscopy acquisitions on the rectal wall is challenging. Moreover, multichannel surface coils do not give optimal results due to a lack of SNR. On the contrary, endoluminal coils, which have been shown to provide a much higher local SNR, could be more suited to this purpose. The feasibility of spectroscopic acquisitions with an endoluminal coil was assessed and promising results were obtained using ultem as a susceptibility matching material