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Abstract #1692

Longitudinal Functional Imaging of the HER-2/Neu Transgenic Mouse Model of Human Breast Cancer by DCE-MRI and Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Dario Livio Longo1, 2, Lorena Consolino1, 2, Stefania Lanzardo3, Walter Dastr1, 2, Federica Cavallo4, Silvio Aime1, 2

1Dept. of Chemistry, University of Turin, Torino, Italy; 2Molecular Imaging Center, Torino, Italy; 3Dept. of Clinical and Biological Sciences , University of Turin, Torino, Italy; 4Dept. of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Turin, Torino, Italy

Identification of imaging biomarkers associated with the multi-step progression of mammary carcinogenesis is a mandatory step in the development of targeted therapies for breast cancer. The combination of imaging techniques allowing to extract important features related to changes in vascular perfusion/permeability, as well as in tissue cellularity may be exploited to characterize important feature of the transition of these earliest stage breast cancers. In this study we assessed the longitudinal changes in the mammary glands of the HER-2/Neu transgenic mouse models by DCE and DWI MRI.