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Abstract #1693

Decrease in Convective Transport Is Associated with Increase in Voxels Explained by Gadolinium Diffusivity in DCE MRI of Untreated Human Gastric Cancer Xenografts

Septian Hartono1, Tong San Koh1, Quan Sing Ng1, Puor Sherng Lee1, Laurent Martarello2, The Hung Huynh1, Choon Hua Thng1

1National Cancer Centre Singapore, Singapore, NA, Singapore; 2Roche Translational Medicine Hub, Singapore, NA, Singapore

Growing tumors eventually develop a high interstitial fluid pressure state that shuts down convective interstitial transport and results in central necrotic areas. Gadolinium diffusivity has been reported as a means of characterizing tracer transport where convective transport is absent. We aim to characterize the temporal change of microcirculatory parameters in gastric cancer xenografts with DCE MRI and to determine the time point where gadolinium transport explained by diffusivity is observed.