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Abstract #1700

Quantitative Comparison of MOBILE (Mapping of Oxygen by Imaging Lipids Relaxation Enhancement) and EPR Oximetry in Multiple Tumor Models.

Florence Colliez1, Julie Magat1, Marie-Aline Neveu1, Bndicte F. Jordan1, Bernard Gallez1

1Louvain Drug Research Institute, Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Research Group, University of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium

There is a critical need for methods able to monitor dynamically and noninvasively tumor oxygenation. The purpose of the current work was to compare the MOBILE technique, a method developed to map variations in oxygenation based on the changes in the relaxation properties of the tissue lipids by exploiting the higher solubility property of oxygen in lipids than in water, with EPR oximetry in different tumor models. Positive and negative changes in tumor oxygenation were induced by an hyperoxic breathing challenge or administration of an anti-vascular agent in order to determine correlations between the response assessed using each technique in MDA-MB-231 and NT2 mammary tumors.