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Abstract #1719

DCE-MRI Evaluation of Eribulin Mesylate in MX-1 Triple Negative Human Breast Cancer Mouse Xenograft Model

Denise C. Welsh1, Tyler Teceno1, Ken Ito1, Mamuro Yanagimachi1, Deirdre Scully2, Jacob Hesterman2, Yasuhiro Funahashi1, Paul J. McCracken1

1Eisai, Andover, MA, United States; 2InVicro, Boston, MA, United States

The effects of eribulin, a microtubule binding drug approved third line therapy for breast cancer, on the vasculature and tumor growth of human breast cancer mouse MX-1 tumors are compared to capecitabine, a cytotoxic. These DCE-MRI data show evidence of antivascular activity at early time points after eribulin treatment and a stabilization of tumor volume. In addition to stabilizing tumor growth over a 5 day period, we demonstrated that a single dose of 3mg/kg i.v. eribulin reduces tumor Ktrans as early as 6hrs followed by a significant increase in Ktrans by days 2 and 5.