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Abstract #1823

A Method to Improve Transcostal MR-HIFU Sonication in Presence of Electronic Beam Steering

Delphine Elbes1, 2, Sbastien Roujol, 23, Mathilde Merle1, 2, Bruno Quesson1, 2

1IHU LIRYC/ CRCTB, INSERM U1045, University Bordeaux Segalen, Pessac, France; 2Laboratoire dimagerie fonctionnelle et molculaire, UMR 5231 CNRS/ University Bordeaux Segalen, Bordeaux, France, France; 3Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States

This study presents a new strategy to perform HIFU through the rib cage using beam steering under real time MR thermometry, to track the respiratory movement or to performed multipoint ablation while avoiding heating of ribs. This method, used to minimize the energy deposition around the bones, was based on electronic deactivation of transducer elements located in front of the rib so called binarized apodization law. This work sought to demonstrate the necessity of an update of the binarized apodization law when using HIFU beam steering in order to increase the safety of the treatment and improve the focusing.