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Abstract #1922

High Speed 3D Overhauser-Enhanced MRI Using Combined B-SSFP and Compressed Sensing

Brandon Dean Armstrong1, 2, Mathieu Sarracanie1, 2, Jason P. Stockmann1, 2, Matthew Rosen1, 2

1Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States; 2Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Boston, MA, United States

We present a new sequence for Overhauser-enhanced MRI based on balanced steady state free precession. In contrast to other OMRI techniques that use a pre-polarization step, the electron spin saturation is embedded directly into the phase encode gradient step. This significantly reduces the acquisition time as there is no need to refresh the hyperpolarized signal every T1. Undersampling k-space strategies are also employed to further increase the temporal resolution. We present images with 1x1x3.5 mm resolution on a 256x64x32 matrixaquired in 65 s.