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Abstract #1993

Triple-Quantum Filtered Chlorine Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Human Brain

Alina Gilles1, Nadia Benkhedah1, Peter Bachert1, Wolfhard Semmler1, Armin M. Nagel1

1Dpt. of Medical Physics in Radiology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

In this study we present the first in vivo TQF 35Cl images. MRI of TQF 35Cl suffers from low sensitivity due to low gyromagnetic ratio of 35Cl, fast relaxation and low intracellular concentration. However, for high fields (B0 = 7 T) acquisition of TQF 35Cl images is possible. Selective detection of 35Cl nuclei which are exposed to quadrupolar interaction, i.e. intracellular 35Cl, is thus feasible. Future monitoring of TQF 35Cl signal may prove worthwhile in understanding the pathophysiological changes of ion concentration in various diseases including those of the central nervous system (e.g. ischemia and tumors).