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Abstract #2010

Nonuniformly Undersampled 5D (3 Spatial + 2 Spectral) Echo Planar J-Resolved Spectroscopic Imaging of Brain

Neil E. Wilson1, Brian L. Burns2, M. Albert Thomas1

1University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 2UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States

J-resolved spectroscopy is a multidimensional technique to enhance spectral information by pushing multiplet splittings into a second dimension. EP-JRESI combines localized J-resolved spectroscopy with an echo planar readout for a single slice acquisition. Here, we extend EP-JRESI to include a 3D localization and use nonuniform sampling (NUS) and compressed sensing (CS) on the incrementally-acquired volume (ky, kz, t1) to achieve far greater accelerations in scan time.