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Abstract #2039

in vivo Transverse Relaxation Time Measurements from Localized CT-COSY and JPRESS: A Validation Study

Dimitri Martel1, Tangi Roussel1, Denis Friboulet1, Denis Grenier1, Helene Ratiney1

1CREATIS ; CNRS UMR5220 ; Inserm U1044 ; INSA-Lyon ; Universit Lyon 1, Villeurbanne, France

Transverse relaxation time parameters (T2 and T2inh due to field inhomogeneity) of the three main singlets of NAA, Creatine and Choline in the rat hippocampus were measured at 7T using two 2D MRS sequences (Localized CT-COSY and JPRESS). Estimated T2inh with this approach compared with its direct measurements using a B0 field map show good agreement. T2 found by this method show lower values than expected. Diffusion loss due to the Hahn echo type of the sequences used is suspected.