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Abstract #2188

Multi-Slice Look-Locker FAIR for Hepatic Arterial Spin Labelling

Rajiv Ramasawmy1, 2, Adrienne E. Campbell-Washburn1, Sean Peter Johnson2, Jack Wells1, Rosamund Barbara Pedley2, Simon Walker-Samuel1, Mark F. Lythgoe 1

1Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, University College London, London, Greater London, United Kingdom; 2Cancer Institute, University College London, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We present a novel use of a multi-slice respiratory-triggered flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery (FAIR) Look-Locker arterial spin labelling (ASL) technique to measure perfusion within a mouse liver. Measurements from the multi-slice technique were in good agreement with those from single-slice triggered FAIR Look-Locker ASL. As the acquisition time is the same for the multi-slice and single-slice sequences, the multi-slice technique demonstrates a three-fold increase in efficiency of liver coverage. Pre-clinical liver perfusion measurements will find utility in a number of disease models such as liver metastases and liver cirrhosis. As ASL does not require injected contrast agents, this technique is suitable for follow-up and repeated measurements to track subject response to therapies.