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Abstract #2199

Improved T1 Mapping and DCE-MRI Quantification for Prostate at 3T by Incorporating B1 Inhomogeneity Correction

Ming-Ching Chang1, Sandeep Narendra Gupta1, Laura I. Sacolick2, Clare Tempany-Afdhal3, Fiona Fennessy3, Ehud J. Schmidt3

1GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY, United States; 2GE Global Research Center, Munich, Germany; 3Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) is used for the assessment of tumor vascular properties with application to prostate cancer staging and treatment monitoring. Analysis of DCE-MRI requires knowledge of pre-contrast T1 maps. T1 mapping using Variable Flip Angle imaging is inaccurate due to B1 inhomogeneity. We present improved T1 mapping and PK quantification in prostate DCE-MRI at 3T by incorporating B1 inhomogeneity correction using the Bloch-Siegert B1 mapping method. We validated the method on 26 subjects and demonstrated good T1 quantification and better PK maps by incorporating B1 correction into DCE-MRI quantification.