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Abstract #2435

Noise Robust Inverse Laplacian Operator Based Reconstruction of Global Elastic Parameters in Magnetic Resonance Elastography.

Sebastian Papazoglou1, 2, Heiko Tzschaetzsch1, Juergen Braun3, Ingolf Sack1

1Radiology, Charit University Medicine, Berlin, Germany; 2NeuroCure Clinical Research Center, Charit University Medicine, Berlin, Germany; 3Medical Informatics, Charite - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) provides diagnostically significant average viscoelastic parameters in organs with good signal to noise ratio (SNR) such as, e.g. the human liver. Usually, parameter reconstruction in MRE requires the computation of noise amplifying derivatives and also involves the inversion of noisy wave data. Therefore this direct approach is ineffective in case of very low SNR, e.g. in MRE on the human lung. In this study we present an approach based on the wave equation featuring the inverse Laplace operator, which requires no inversion to robustly recover global viscoelastic parameters even in presence of strong noise.