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Abstract #2448

Combined Extended Two Point Dixon/Look Locker Technique for Mapping of Lipid Spin-Lattice (T1) Relaxation Time

Jihyun Annie Park1, Andrew Yung2, Stefan A. Reinsberg1, Piotr Kozlowski2

1Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2UBC MRI Research Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tumour oxygenation can be measured from changes in lipid T1. Here, we combined the extended two point Dixon and Look Locker technique for a rapid T1 measurement of fat. After simulation studies, the method was first applied in a phantom and in vivo. The T1 recovery curves of fat and water for three regions (subcutaneous fat, external oblique muscle, and femoral muscle) were compared. The T1 values of fat were 442ms and 454ms in subcutaneous fat and external oblique muscle, respectively. We have successfully employed the technique in-vivo to spatially map T1.