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Abstract #2536

Quantitative Evaluation of the Exchange Time and T2 Associated with an Inhomogeneous Component Using Inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer Imaging

Gopal Varma1, Fotini Kourtelidis1, David C. Alsop1

1Radiology, Division of MR Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States

Application of quantitative magnetization transfer (MT) to white matter in the brain is of interest, particularly in studies of degenerative diseases. A greater contrast and sensitivity has been shown from inhomogeneous MT (IHMT) imaging. A more quantitative analysis of the IHMT effect is applied in hair conditioner phantoms and in vivo based on a 2 pool model to elucidate exchange time and T2 parameters associated with an inhomogeneous component. An exchange time of ~6ms and T2 of ~200&[micro]s is found in healthy volunteers, which are distinct from the results in vitro.