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Abstract #2887

Neural Correlates of Constructional Apraxia in Patients with Alzheimers Disease.

Laura Serra1, Lucia Fadda2, Roberta Perri2, Barbara Span1, Mario Torso1, Diana Castelli3, Camillo Marra3, Carlo Caltagirone2, Marco Bozzali4

1Neuroimaging Laboratory, IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy; 2Neurological and behavioural laboratory, IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy; 3Institute of Neurology, Universit Cattolica, Roma, Italy; 4Neuroimaging Laboratory, Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy

Using voxel-based morphometry we investigated the pathophysioological substrate of constructive apraxia (CA) in patients Alzheimer's disease (AD). A peculiar pattern of regional GM atrophy was present in those patients with CA manifestations but not in the others. Our findings fit well with current anatomo-functional theories on CA.