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Abstract #2901

Preliminary Cognitive Functional Imaging Study of Patients with Early Diabetes

Wei Tian1, Xiang Liu1, Jianhui Zhong1, Sven Ekholm1

1Imaging Sciences, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY, United States

There are few studies about cognitive functional imaging study in early diabetes Our study analyzed 20 patients with early type 2 diabetes mellitus and 15 demographically similar, healthy subjects. The microalbuminuria, hypoglycemia and ketonic acidosis, cerebral lesions were ruled out. A series psychological tests, nback task fMRI and single-voxel MRS with TE 30 on bilateral PFC were performed on both groups. Our results show decreased cognitive test scores and less activation especially on PFC in patient group. Increase of Glx and decrease of Cho could be detected, p<0.01; while there was no significant change of NAA. Transit memory was negatively correlated with Glx/Cho (F=-0.546, P value =0.013) and Glx/(Cr+Cho) (F=-0.471, P value = 0.036). The number of errors in trail making test A was positively related to NAA/Cr. Our study revealed cognitive dysfunction in early type 2 diabetic patients. The hypofunction in PFC plays an important role in cognitive dysfunction and the emotional abnormality. Increase of Glx and the degeneration of choline neuron system, which maybe contribute to the pathophysiological basis of PFC hypofunction.