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Abstract #2944

DTI Correlates of Brain Network Topology in a Pediatric Population

Vincent J. Schmithorst1, Ashok Panigrahy1, Jessica L. Wisnowski1

1Radiology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

We investigated the relation between global functional network topology, as measured by intrinsic-connectivity fMRI (ic-fMRI), and DTI parameters, which reflect regional differences in white matter microstructure, in preadolescent Brazilian children. Changes were predominantly located in a single crossing-fiber region in the right hemisphere involving the corona radiata, superior longitudinal fasciculus, and callosal fiber. FA was positively correlated with network integration and negatively with network segregation. FA increases were due to increased AD and decreased RD, indicating increased fiber organization in a white matter region connecting distal regions of the brain is associated with more efficient cognitive function.