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Abstract #3075

Spatial Information Based DCE-MRI Data Reconstruction and Analysis Using PCA

Dattesh D. Shanbhag1, Suresh E. Joel1, Ming-Ching Chang2, Kumar T. Rajamani1, Sandeep Narendra Gupta2, Rakesh Mullick1

1GE Global Research, Bangalore, Karanataka, India; 2GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY, United States

In this work, we investigated a block-wise PCA based approach to reconstruct DCE-MRI data. It is based on the hypothesis that there exists overlapping temporal information within a spatial neighborhood which can be exploited to separate noise from true contrast enhancement while maintaining tissue heterogeneity. We demonstrate that PCA based reconstruction of dynamic DCE data produced smooth parametric maps while preserving the lesion conspicuity, compared to pixelated maps produced using voxel-by voxel analysis. This will improve the accuracy of DCE-MRI quantification and enhance the sensitivity of the method in clinical scenario.