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Abstract #3113

Comparing of Mono-Exponential, Bi-Exponential and Stretched Exponential Models with Multi-B Value Diffusion Weighed Imaging in Uterus Malignanciespilot Study

Yan Zhou1, Jianyu Liu2, He Wang3, Nan Sun4

1Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing , China; 2Radiology Department, Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing, China; 3MR Research China, GE Healthcare, Shanghai, China; 4MR Research China, GE Healthcare, Beijing, China

In this study, multi-b value Diffusion Weighed imaging models of mono-exponential, bi-exponential (intravoxel incoherent motion, IVIM) and stretched exponential models were discussed in diagnosing endometrial cancer and cervix cancer, in order to find more reliable or more precise method to deal with DWI. The results showed good diagnostic value of Slow ADC in IVIM model, and showed potentially ability of using perfusion fraction as a non invasive method assessing perfusion. While stretched exponential model were questioned by some results from this study.