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Abstract #3481

Dynamic Functional Imaging of Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscles Under Isometric and Active Extension-Flexion Contraction.

Shantanu Sinha1, Ali Moghadasi, Vadim Malis2, Usha Sinha2

1Radiology, University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA, United States; 2Physics, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, United States

A detailed understanding of the dynamics of quadriceps femoris and hamstring muscles will be a valuable clinical tool to evaluate association of muscle function with disease conditions such as osteoarthritis and dystrophy. We report velocity and strain rate mapping in the quadriceps and hamstring muscle under isometric and active extension-flexion contraction using a MR compatible computer -controlled, motorized hydraulic actuator. Spatial heterogeneity of velocity and strain rate is seen in the quadriceps and hamstring muscle; these patterns could potentially be altered in disease conditions or with muscle disuse.