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Abstract #3482

Quantitative Kinematics of the Wrist Using Dynamic MRI

Michael H. Buonocore1, 2, Robert D. Boutin1, Igor Immerman3, Gerald J. Sonico2, Zachary Ashwell1, Robert M. Szabo3, Abhijit J. Chaudhari1

1Radiology, UC Davis, Sacramento, CA, United States; 2Imaging Research Center, UC Davis, Sacramento, CA, United States; 3Orthopedic Surgery, UC Davis, Sacramento, CA, United States

The abstract describes the use of the TrueFISP pulse sequence for observation and quantitative measurement of carpal bone angles and distances during active wrist motion, and demonstrates its performance in healthy human volunteers. High spatial and temporal resolution dynamic images provide diagnostically important measurements for assessment of carpal bone instability, tendon dislocation, and other pathologies of the wrist joint.