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Abstract #3547

Influence of Loading on Cartilage T1rho and T2 Value in the Porcine Knee Joint

Hidetoshi Hamada1, Takashi Nishii2, Satoru Tamura2, Tetsuya Wakayama3, Hisashi Tanaka4, Kenya Murase5, Hideki Yoshikawa1, Nobuhiko Sugano2

1Department of Orthopedic surgery, Osaka university graduate school of medicine, Suita, Osaka, Japan; 2Departments of Orthopedic Medical Engineering, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Suita, Osaka, Japan; 3GE Healthcare Applied Science Laboratory, Asia Pacific, Hino, Tokyo, Japan; 4Department of Radiology, Osaka University Medical School, Suita, Osaka, Japan; 5Department of Medical Physics and Engineering, Osaka University Medical School, Suita, Osaka, Japan

Influence of loading on cartilage T1rho and T2 were investigated in the porcine knee joint using a custom pressure device. In general, both T1 rho and T2 values showed similar magnitudes of decrease dependent on loading force. However, they showed different load-response in the deep layers of the lateral condyles, with less sensitive changes in T2 values. This may partly reflect different mechanisms of microstructure compositional change to loading, and biochemical cartilage assessment using T1rho and T2 mapping under static loading may become potent indexes to allow non-invasive biomechanical assessment of site-specific stress distribution related with cartilage degeneration.