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Abstract #3864

Tracking of Labelled Stem Cells After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Serial, in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Sushanta Kumar Mishra1, Gangenahalli U. Gurudutta2, Rajendra P. Tripathi1, Subash Khushu1

1NMR Research Centre, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi, India; 2Stem Cells and Gene Therapy Research Group, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi, India

Tissue replacement by stem cell transplants is a promising approach to treat various diseases. MRI provides 3D imaging and in vivo cell tracking. Mice mesenchymal stem cells were labelled with T2 contrast agent like Dextran-Fe3O4 nanoparticles and Poly-L-Lysine at a final concentration of 50g/ml and 1.5g/ml respectively at an incubation period of 4 hours. Labelled mMSCs were injected intravenously and tracked through 7T MRI up to 2 weeks in traumatic brain injury mice. Decrease in T2/T2* value at the injury site in between day 3 and 7 indicates homing of the stem cells to the site of injury.