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Abstract #3951

Parallel Acquisition of Hyperpolarized 13C1 Pyruvate Metabolism: Multi-Chamber MR Compatible Bioreactor

Adriana Bucur1, Steven Reynolds1, Samira Kazan2, Tooba Alizadeh2, Michael Port3, Gillian M. Tozer2, Martyn Paley1

1Academic Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom; 2Department of Oncology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom; 3Biological Services Unit, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

In vivo tumour models are the most relevant for comparison with human disease models. However, they are costly, time consuming and have ethical limitations. Additionally, hyperpolarisation experiments require long waits between injections. Using bioreactors provides useful information of cellular metabolism and response to treatment. We developed a multiple chamber MR compatible bioreactor to simultaneously acquire up to 4 datasets with identical hyperpolarised metabolite concentration and polarisation. The throughput increases by four times and consequently reduces the experimental time, by the efficient use of hyperpolarised PA in MR/DNP studies on cells, a possible important step in drugs effects investigation in animals.