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Abstract #3958

Partial Volume SLIM for Separating Water and Lipid Compartmental Signals in Breast MRS

Patrick J. Bolan1, Gregory J. Metzger1, Steen Moeller1, Michael Garwood1

1Radiology, CMRR, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

This work explores the feasibly of using reconstructions based on Spectral Localization by Imaging (SLIM) to separate the spectral signals from the aqueous and lipid compartments in the breast. Fat fraction and B0 maps derived from high-resolution water-fat imaging are used to create a geometric model of the breast. A conventional CSI spectral data set is then reconstructed using SLIM and the geometric model to create discrete spectra for the water and lipid compartments. The feasibility of this approach is demonstrated through simulation and in vivo measurements.