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Abstract #4005

A Multiparametric MR Approach for Comparative Assessment of Neurometabolites and Brain Microstructural Changes in Mice Model for Cranial and Whole Body Radiation Exposure

Poonam Rana1, Mamta Gupta1, Richa Trivedi1, B.S.Hemanth Kumar1, Ravi Soni2, Ram Kishore Singh Rathore3, Rajendra P. Tripathi1, Subash Khushu1

1NMR Research Centre, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India; 2Division of Radiation Biosciences, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India; 3Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Understanding the early differential response of brain during radiation exposure is significant for better injury management during accidental or intentional exposure to ionizing radiation. The present study based on DTI and 1H MRS was conducted to investigate the early microstructural and metabolic profiles in mouse brain following whole body radiation or cranial radiation exposure. The results exhibited more DTI based FA and MRS based metabolic changes in whole body radiation group compared to cranial irradiation group. This disparity in response could be due to involvement of systemic inflammatory response of central nervous system in case of whole body irradiation only.