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Abstract #4038

Spatial Dependence of Metabolite Concentrations in Wild Type and ApcMin/+ Mouse GI Tissues: An ex-Vivo HR-MAS 1H NMR Spectroscopic Study

Basetti Madhu1, Uribe-Lewis Santiago1, Murrell Adele1, Griffiths R. John1, Griffiths R. John1

1Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The ApcMin/+ mouse is a genetically engineered cancer mouse model that spontaneously develops tumours in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Here we have investigated the spatial dependence of the metabolic characteristics of the GI tissues of wild type and ApcMin/+ mice using HRMAS 1H NMR spectroscopy. We found metabolite concentration gradients of alanine, choline, Glx (glutamine and glutamate) and total-creatine (t-Cr) as we moved from stomach to colon along the small intestine in both wild type and ApcMin/+ mice. These metabolite variations were maintained in normal tissues adjacent to the tumours in ApcMin/+mice but were disrupted in tumour tissues themselves. In addition all the estimated metabolites were found to be higher in tumour tissue, significantly greater with increased distance from the stomach, which correlates with increased tumour frequency in the distal part of the small bowel GI tract of ApcMin/+.