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Abstract #4050

Water-Fat Imaging of Supraclavicular Brown and White Adipose Tissue at 1.5T: Initial Results in Healthy Volunteers

Elin Lundstrm1, Johan Berglund1, Lars Johansson1, 2, Peter Bergsten3, Hkan Ahlstrm1, Joel Kullberg1

1Radiology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden; 2AstraZeneca R&D, Mlndal, Sweden; 3Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

The purpose of this work was to set up and evaluate high resolution mapping of fat fraction and R2* for brown adipose tissue (BAT) detection on a clinical 1.5T MR-scanner. Water-fat imaging of the supraclavicular region was performed in ten volunteers (age [19-44], 5 males). Properties of subcutaneous and suspected BAT depots were compared both visually and using ROI measurements, with different approaches to reduce partial volume effects. The images allowed detection of tissue differences, both visually and using measurements. The importance of considering partial volume effects was demonstrated and a correlation between BMI and fat fraction measurements was noted.