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Abstract #4051

in vivo MRI/MRS Characterization of Brown and White Adipose Tissues in Mice: Plasticity Due to High Fat Diet and Pharmacological Treatments

Rossella Canese1, Francesca Cinti2, Andrea Armani2, Vincenzo Marzolla2, Fabio Ginnari Satriani3, Giulia Carpinelli3, Massimiliano Caprio2

1Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Istituto Superiore di Sanit, Rome, Italy; 2Laboratory of Cardiovascular Endocrinology, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome, Italy; 3Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Istituto Superiore di Sanita', Rome, Italy

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is currently a topic of interest in obesity and metabolic research due to its physiological relevance in human adults and can be detected by MRS. Aim of the study was to monitor metabolic and volumetric changes in adipose tissue as a result of high fat diet and after pharmacological treatment with mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists, namely drospirenone (DRSP) and spironolactone (Spiro), in subcutaneous (inguinal) and visceral (perivescical) areas. Both the treatments detected an increase in the water/fat (as lipid signal at 0.9 ppm) ratio in the inguinal fat depots and a reduction of perivescical fat volume.