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Abstract #4278

Towards Clinical Robustness in 3D Abdominal Water/Fat Imaging

Nadine Gdaniec1, Tim Nielsen2, Peter Brnert3, Holger Eggers2, Mariya Doneva4, Alfred Mertins1

1University of Lbeck, Lbeck, Germany; 2Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany; 3Philips Research Laboratory, Hamburg, Germany; 4Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany

Breath-holding is an efficient strategy to minimize respiration induced artifacts in the abdomen if the patients capability is sufficient. The sampling pattern used deals with premature breathing onset by flexible scan termination. A temporally continuous compromise is made between SNR, undersampling aritifacts and resolution. This work aims at finding the optimal compromise by simulations on phantom experiments. To meet real clinical needs, dual-echo imaging was added for water-fat separation. The scan was complemented with a fast motion detection navigator that does not disturb the steady state and triggers automatic scan termination. Coil compression was applied for reduced reconstruction time.