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Abstract #4483

Segmental Tissue Phase Mapping Analysis of Biventricular Heart Function

Marius Menza1, Bernd Jung1, Adriana Komancsek1, Jeff Snyder1, Daniela Fll2

1University Hospital Freiburg, Medical Physics, Freiburg, Baden Wrttemberg, Germany; 2University Heart Center Freiburg, Cardiology and Angiology I, Freiburg, Baden Wrttemberg, Germany

The evaluation of the right ventricular (RV) function has prognostic impact on patients with heart failure or pulmonary hypertension. MR tissue phase mapping was used to evaluate biventricular segmental velocities in 10 healthy volunteers. Basal radial velocities of the RV were higher than in the LV (left ventricle). The highest RV velocities were found in long-axis direction of the basal free wall in systole and diastole. A comprehensive analysis of RV velocities might improve patient management in future.