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Abstract #4516

Myocardial and LV Blood T1 Measurement Using 3.0T MOLLI: Importance of Heart Rate Correction

Shinichi Takase1, Masaki Ishida1, Shiho Isoshima1, Tsunehiro Yamahata1, Akira Kamigiri1, Hajime Sakuma1

1Department of Radiology, Mie University Hospital, Tsu, Mie, Japan

3-3-5 MOLLI underestimates true tissue T1 as heart rate (HR) and T1 increase. Fifteen volunteers were scanned by 3-3-5 MOLLI at 3.0T and divided into two groups by a cutoff HR of 70bpm. Compared to lower HR group, higher HR group gave significantly smaller myocardial and blood T1. T1 HR correction formula was obtained by phantom study separately. After HR correction, myocardial and blood T1 were substantially augmented in both groups resulting in smaller T1 differences between the groups. HR-corrected T1 measurement with 3-3-5 MOLLI at 3.0T allows for accurate myocardial and blood T1 quantification regardless of HR and T1.