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Abstract #1008

Variation in Skeletal Muscle and Liver Glycogen Concentration During Normal Daily Eating in Type 2 Diabetes

Fiona Elizabeth Smith 1 , Mavin Macauley 1 , Peter Thelwall 1 , and Roy Taylor 1

1 Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Skeletal muscle plays a major role in glucose homeostasis in normal health. Approximately 30% of meal carbohydrate is stored as muscle glycogen after the first meal of the day and rises after subsequent meals. Liver stores approximately 20% of meal carbohydrate in healthy subjects. Glycogen depots behave as a dynamic buffer allowing rapid storage of osmotically active glucose. However, the effectiveness of this diurnal mechanism has not been previously studied in Type 2 diabetes. The study aim was to quantify changes in skeletal muscle and liver glycogen concentration during normal eating in Type 2 Diabetes comparing this to healthy subjects.

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