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Abstract #1884

Effect of short-term synaptic plasticity on the relationship between neuronal activity, BOLD, CMRO2 and CMRGlc studied by metabolic modeling of neuron-glia interaction

Mauro DiNuzzo 1,2 , Silvia Mangia 3 , Bruno Maraviglia 1,4 , and Federico Giove 1,2

1 MARBILab, Enrico Fermi Center, Rome, Rome, Italy, 2 Department of Physics, U Sapienza, Rome, Rome, Italy, 3 CMRR, U Minnesota, Minneapolis MN, United States, 4 Santa Lucia Foundation IRCCS, Rome, Italy

We developed a kinetic model of rat brain metabolism including electrophysiological information related to short-term synaptic plasticity in order to examine the coupling between neuronal activity, BOLD, and cerebral metabolic rates of oxygen (CMRO2) and glucose (CMRGlc). We found that post-synaptic activity correlates with CMRO2 and BOLD, while pre-synaptic spiking activity correlates with CMRGlc. In particular, axonal action potentials, albeit consuming less energy than dendritic excitatory postsynaptic potentials, are found to be the primary determinants for the decrease in oxygen/glucose index at firing rates above 4-6 Hz. Our results are relevant for further understanding neurovascular and neurometabolic coupling.

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