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Purely endogenous hyperpolarized [1-13C]Pyruvate solutions for metabolic study in glioblastoma rat models

Mor Mishkovsky 1,2 , Emine Can 3 , Tim Eichhorn 4 , Denis Mario 5 , Ivan Radovanovic 5 , Rolf Gruetter 1,6 , Virginie Clment-Schatlo 5 , and Arnaud Comment 3

1 Laboratory for Functional and Metabolic Imaging (LIFMET), Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 Department of radiology, Univesity of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, 3 Institute of Physics of Biological Systems, Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, 4 Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen, Switzerland, 5 Hpitaux Universitaires de Genve (HUG), Geneva, Switzerland, 6 Department of radiology, Univesity of Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland

Hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate solutions prepared without persistent radicals were used to study brain metabolism in rat model of human glioblastoma. Real time in vivo pyruvate metabolism was acquired with large signal-to-noise ratio that allows studying the kinetic of the LDH-mediated conversion of pyruvate to lactate in the tumor. The use of completely endogenous sample compositions through all the steps of the dissolution DNP experiment can facilitate the clinical application of hyperpolarized pyruvate for tumor diagnostic and treatment response as the filtration step is eliminated.

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