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Abstract #0251

Quantitative NMR imaging of the short-T2 components in the SKM tissue: alterations observed in myopathic patients

Ericky Caldas de A. Araujo 1 , Noura Azzabou 1 , Alexandre Vignaud 2 , Genevive Guillot 3 , and Pierre G. Carlier 1,4

1 NMR Laboratory, Institute of Myology, Paris, le-de-France, France, 2 CEA/DSV/I2BM/NeuroSpin/UNIRS, Gif Sur Yvette, le-de-France, France, 3 IR4M/UMR8081/CNRS, University Paris-SUD, Orsay, le-de-France, France, 4 NMR Laboratory, CEA/I2BM/MIRCen, Paris, le-de-France, France

UTE methods offer the possibility of acquiring NMR signal from protons in the hydration layers of the collagen. We have applied the UTE method for imaging the short-T2 signal in SKM tissue, which we hypothesise to reveal intramuscular connective tissue content. Dual-echo acquisition and selective long-T2 suppression methods fail to isolate the short-T2 signals in SKM. We propose a new method for processing UTE data, resulting in signal issued exclusively from the short-T2 components in the SKM. The proposed method was applied to investigate the SKM tissue of eight healthy volunteers and three patients diagnosed with NMDs.

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